What is "Intentio-Magnetic Moment"?


To achieve an IntentioMagnetic Moment, everything has to be given!

Concentrate on being as much as possible in the moment, and let everything else fall

Until information is obtained from the plants

Until we tune our intentions with the rest of the ecosystem to which we are connected.

This is the art of Intentio-Magnetic Therapy.


When the patient first gets up after three days and drinks a glass of water

 They will feel it in every cell of their body.

They will feel life and color in every cell in their body, a reinforced desire, and a stronger intention to heal.


Suddenly the strange feeling on this planet 

gives way to internal recognition





 Intentio-Magnetic Therapy




The first clinical trial to test Intentio-Magnetic Therapy




Patient: Chen Cohen 

An artist and a model from Tel Aviv,

has been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and anorexia for 36 years.

Countless treatments have not led to clinical improvement,

and trivial aims such as eating, creating, or going out with friends,

exhaust the ecosystem in which her body exists.



On Wednesday, December 11, 2019

she will enter the bed with her eyes covered for three days,

avoiding any form of communication, all she does is to connect.


"This is a Chariot Connection."


For millions of years,

the ecological balance has been maintained with the help of plants,

which have evolved to elegantly translate the sun into nutrients from which we derive our life force.

In contrast to plants,

human awareness and human intentions hold the ability to intervene,

shift the attention, and violate the ecological balance.



"But do we, like plants,

have the elegance to balance and heal ourselves

and the environment?"



From recent FDA clinical trials,

it has been shown that the power of the patient's thoughts and perceptions can cause spontaneous healing.

"The Placebo Effect"

holds familiar and inseparable factors during every treatment. 





"Is it possible that human intentions and the ecosystem

mirror each other? Steering for balance?

What if, they magnetically related."




They used to call it a prayer, before it was called a ceremony,

recently they called it art ... or science,

we don't give it a name, you know why?

Because this is the 21st century,

and this is how we do it.



"Wake Up Chen"

 the first clinical trial to test Intentio-Magnetic Therapy.

 For 3 days, under medical supervision, Chen Cohen will be on the Chariot Connection,

driven by the charioteer, Ariel De Lion, and the incorporation of her family, friends,

comedians, poets, musicians, various experts, and you, the audience at home.

The entire treatment will be live online, all the actions around her,

all the materials you will send us, via the Facebook page, Wake Up Chen. 



To make it happen,

we sincerely ask your participation in making Chen's chariot a full-fledged gem.

It could be anything, a poem, a funny video, a song by your 4-year-old.

The precious attention you send can cause spontaneous healing for her,

a moment of grace in which she will draw in a strong desire to heal.

An "Intentio-Magnetic Moment"

in which she will remember how interconnected we all are,

to plants, to the earth.


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established in 2015

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