Alephnull has been developing its activities in close collaboration with health professionals, clinical research experts, and philosophers. The principals gained over 10 years of experience in the media and the pharmaceutical industries.



Alephnull Collective achieve an active ground required for the foundation of clinical research and literature of the consciousness phenomena


Since our formation, our mission has been to ensure a steady investment in development in order to meet the challenges of global consciousness and to offer innovative studies and experiments to better understand the phenomena for the benefits of humankind and evolution.

Dada Gunamuktananda
Meditative Group, Team Leader.
Yali Reichert
Tuning Group - Team Leader
Brahma Kumaris
Spiritual world Org, Distant Healers.
IDan Peer
Chief Scientist
Ariel De Lion
Research facilitator & Speaker
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AlephnUll Collective

established in 2015

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Address: AlephnUll Collective

110 Troutman St.

New York, NY 11206