Throughout conventional science, there is no such phrase as “healing from a distance”. The practice herein illustrates the enormous power of meditative healing practice, connects amidst modern streaming platforms to formulate the most advanced therapeutic tool.

“The Global consciousness project by AlephnUll is the true benefited project for humanity to come out from darkness to enlightenment of self through understanding the self and the power of collective thoughts of human beings. This will be a new era of holy healing medicine for mankind.”

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization

"Demonstrating the global non-local manifestation of consciousness is vastly important for a great many reasons"

Dr. Larry Dossey, MD.

"It sounds like a great project that will require funding and creation of protocols”

Dr. Deepak Chopra. MD.

Presenters at 'TSC 2016' (The Science of Consciousness), Tucson Arizona.
Presenters at 'SAND 2016' (Science and NonDuality), San Jose, California.


The "Wheels Model" is a novel scientific approach, built on an amplified collective consciousness acceleration platform to attract intentions through the Internet, television and similar media platforms, to unite and direct global thoughts and compassion towards one detectable target e.g. Coma (VS) patient physical measures.


M1, C1 - Located in the Inner test circle, close by to H1 coma(VS) bedside.


H1 - The coma subject is located in the Core, the circle center, in resting position.


(H-), (H+) both amplified poles may be located either at the Outer test circle or at the Collective conscious

● Charismatic people Level 1: C1

● Meditative people Level 1: M1

● Collective (Global) Amplified C

field: H+

● Silent (Buddha) Amplified M field: H-

● Coma(VS) Level 1: H1field.

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